How to look after newborn twins alone

Caring for one child is daunting enough for many new parents, and the prospect of having two or more at the same time can seem downright impossible. Here are 5 essential tips on how to care for infant twins all by yourself.


  1. Caring for Twins

When bathing, dressing babies, changing nappies and feeding them, do it separately not all at once. This is so that you are able to monitor each baby closely and avoid accidents like falling, choking or catching colds.  You could place both of them on raised pillows. Try to have both babies in sight while you do this, entertain one while you work on the other. It also helps to buy on double cot bed for the twins as it will make them sleep better if they know the other is by their side.

  1. Crying Twins

Newborn twins will not set each other off, but as they get older, they may do that. If both babies start crying, do not try to pick them up all at once lest one of them falls. Put them both in a Prammer or rocking chairs and use your hand to rock one and your foot to rock another. You will need to have great levels of multi-tasking, co-ordination and patience.

  1. Establish a Routine

It is important to feed both children, put them to bed or play with them all at the same time albeit one at a time. This will make your life easier and free up your time.

  1. Illnesses

Twins share everything including diseases. Have separate eating utensils and spoons for each twin to minimise the risk of sharing bacteria. When one twin is sick, isolate them to minimise risk of transferring contagious diseases to the other twin.

  1. Individuality

Encourage good behaviour. Occasionally, you could say “look how big your sister is, she doesn’t cry when I do this” this will encourage the child to set a good example for the other twin. However, do not judge them harshly or make them feel inadequate. Remember they may look the same but are different. Accommodate and embrace their individuality and uniqueness.


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